• About Products:

    1. What products does Sunsmile supply?
    We are specialized in supplying Guitars, Guitar Kits and Packages, Guitar Parts and Accessories, Guitar Amplifiers. We can also provide Buying Office Service for other Musical Instruments.

    2. Can Sunsmile make products with customer's logo?
    Yes, we can. We have provided this service for some famous guitar companies.
    For samples, $ 60 is needed as logo fee. And we will refund it to your formal order.
    For Formal order (at least $ 5000), we can make your own logo free of charge.

    3. Can Sunsmile make Custom Guitars?
    Yes, We can. For detailed information, please visit our Customs Shop
    We will sign "Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement" to protect your copyright.

    4. What is your Quality Warranty?
    Experienced Luthiers and woodworkers can assure you professional quality workmanship. However, we suggest that you check the goods within one week after receiving them. If you find any quality problem, please send pictures as requested and we will be responsible for them.

    5. What is your Production Capacity?
    We produce 7000 pieces Electric Guitars and 8000 pieces Acoustic Guitars per month.

  • Order Issue

    1. How can we make an order?
    A. Please check our online catalogue and let us know the models you are interested in with quantity, we will send you our best quotation based on your quantity.
    B. After you confirmed the quotation, please effect payment.
    C. The order will be in our production plan once after payment arrival. We will inform you when the goods are ready for shipping.

    2. What is the Minimum Order Quantity for specific products?
    For Electric Guitars/Basses, the MOQ is 12 pieces per model/color; 10 pieces for Kits.
    For Acoustic Guitars/Basses, 48 pieces per model; 48 pieces for Kits.
    For Guitar Parts and Accessories, there is also MOQ. Please confirm with us before ordering.
    For sample order, there is no MOQ and one piece is ok.

    3. How many of your guitars can fill in a container?
    A 20 feet container can fit 28 cube meters of goods. IE, we can fit 946 pieces of Strato style electric guitar or 524 pieces of acoustic guitars sized 41".
    A 40 feet container can fit 54 cube meters of goods.
    A 40 feet HQ container can fit 64 cube meters of goods.

    You can give us the list that you are interested in ordering and we will calculate the dimension for you.

    4. What is the lead time?
    For Electric Guitars/Basses and Kits, it takes 28 days for production.
    For Acoustic Guitars/Basses and Kits, it takes 48 days for production.
    Sample takes the same time as container quantity does, since their production procedures are same.
    As the availability of production line for new order varies from time to time, please confirm the exact lead time with us before placing the order.

    5. How to get the Exclusive Distributor Right?
    You can be our Exclusive Distributor if no existing one in your region and you accept our MOQ. The MOQ refers to One Year Purchase Quantity, which is made according to the population of your region. The right will take effect once you place the first order. If you cannot achieve the MOQ in one year, we will withdraw the Exclusive Distributor Right.

  • Shipment Policy

    1. How about sample-shipping?
    We ship the sample by express; normally it takes about 6 working days to your door.

    2. What is your MOQ by sea?
    We request $5000 as MOQ by sea. Based on this order value, our price is Free On Board. A $2000-$5000 order can also be shipped by sea, but customers should pay $280 for domestic transportation and Customs Fee. The order can be mixed with any models.

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