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JS 20 Package

Standard Jumpstart Package Contains:
SST 10 Guitar (Available In Any Color)
10W Amplifier (CE or UL Approval)
Gig Bag 10 mm Padding
Guitar Tuner
Guitar Strap
Guitar Cable
3 Pieces Picks
Neck Adjustment Allen Key
Corrugated Board Inside The Guitar With Polystyrene Foam (Styrofoam), Well Protect Guitar From Transportation Damage

Available Guitar: SST Series, STL 100, SSG 300, SLP Series, SPB 10 (Electric Bass) , SPB 20 (Electric Bass) , Custom Guitar/Bass
Available Amplifier: Portable Amp Series, 5 Watt, 15 Watt or Custom Amp
Gig Bag: Custom
Guitar Stand
Customized Colorful Carton
Available Carton: JS 10, JS 20 or Custom Carton

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