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The E20DS is an effect that generates both distortion and sustain effects. By rotating the knobs you can create all kinds of sounds, from warm, soft sustain to hard, powerful distortion.

Heavy Metal

The E20 MT is the ultimate in heavy metal distortion pedals. With it's wide dynamic range it is capable of producing rich and powerful drive and distortion. The individual controls let you adjust both the levels of distortion and it's tone characteristics.


A transparent and warm sounding analog op amp overdrive. This pedal will drive and accentuate the nuances of your guitar and playing style. This is similar to a naturally overdriven amplifier.





The E20PH is an effect unit that can offer you an effect like that of a rotating loudspeaker to a powerful jet engine woosh. It gives a rich sense of speed or swelling of tone.

Super Chorus

The E20CH is an effect unit that produces two voices from a single voice to produce a full rich chorus effect. This effect actually sounds like multiple instruments! Without a doubt, the most popular effect on today's market.


The E20DL offers the most authentic note reproduction of any delay device available. Notes come back exactly as you played them: Not rounder, harsher, warmer, colder, or altered in any manner whatsoever.

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